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Are you looking for an aged care home that is perfect for
you or your loved one? It is hard to know where to start or
what is involved and that’s why Clayton Church Homes
(CCH) have prepared a few helpful hints.

Get Assessed

The first thing we would suggest, is to find out if you are
eligible for government support and, if so, what level of care
you’ll need.

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) offer this assessment as a
free service. Your doctor, health centre or local hospital can
refer you for an assessment or you can contact My Aged Care direct.

You’ll find a list of ACATs on the My Aged Care site at

As part of the assessment, a member of an ACAT will visit and
ask some questions about your health needs and lifestyle to help
establish the best care option.

After the assessment, the ACAT will write to you to let you know the outcome of your assessment. The letter will specify the services you are approved to receive, as well as the reasons why. You will also receive other information on your assessment.

Some helpful things to know

Finding the right home
Fees and charges
Considering a move
List of Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs)

Find a Suitable Residential Aged Care Home

Once you have been assessed and understand the level of care
you or your loved one requires, it is time to find a home that is
right for you.

Clayton Church Homes provide a range of different options to
suit your requirements. Alternatively, you can find other Aged
Care options at the My Aged Care website.

See below, a list of our Aged Care locations

Residential Care –  residential care

Retirement Living – Independent living

  • Magill, Adelaide
  • Norwood, Adelaide
  • Beulah Terraces, Norwood, Adelaide

Call Clayton Church Homes on (08) 8404 8200 to find out more
about current availability.

How to Apply for Residential Care

How To Apply for Permanent Care Checklist

You will need these documents

  • Current Aged Care Client Record (ACCR)
  • Completed Application for Respite Care or Permanent Entry
    to an Aged Care Home
  • Centrelink Assets & Income Assessment
  • Advance Care Directive or Power of Attorney (on admission)

Please lodge with the Admissions Officer or Site Receptionist at your preferred facility.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Officer, Ms. Charlie Fitzgerald, on (08) 8404 8200.